Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Day Five

Back to the drawing board, or at least it would have been if she'd had a drawing board. As it was, she was back to the "wall of the space pod with an engineering marker and a sharp rock".

Rebuilding the blaster wasn't nearly as hard as regulating the power flow this time. The last gun had been... explosive. It killed really well but it was a one shot thing. If there'd been another predator, she'd have been in serious trouble. A disintegrator blast was nice but when it came at the expense of the gun that fired it, that was too costly. Especially when supplies were so scarce.

Trill took another drink of vaporator water and continued to chew the same piece of voondag jerky she'd been working on for hours. It was a very healthy meat product and it was supposed to sustain a humanoid for an entire day on just one square. Chew. Chew. Chew.

She was beginning to suspect was only because it took a whole day to eat the damn thing.

Placing two power conduits together, she cussed as a flash over between their contact points shocked her hands. She dropped the cylinders involuntarily and stepped away to punch the wall in pain and frustration. This was getting ridiculous! How long did it take to circle back around and pick her up any way? Five days?!?

Sitting down, she leaned against the pod's emergency bed and growled. Did she really want Marr-ek to come back for her? If he did, that would mean the ARC Trooper had killed Darrus. If Darrus came back, that would mean he'd likely killed Marr-ek. She didn't relish either alternative. Both meant that someone she cared about was dead. But one way or the other, someone franging well needed to be coming back for her!

Then it occurred to her. What if they killed each other? Or the Separatists killed them both before they could fight? Or Darrus killed Marr-ek before the trooper could tell him where she was? That would mean...

That would mean...

Yes. That would indeed be just her luck.


Moments later, while Trillinae was still shouting at the universe, the low vicious hiss of a raptor echoed across the pod. The beast dashed into the crash clearing, racing straight for her.

Trill was not amused. She looked over, saw the beast coming, and picked up one of the conduits. "Not now, scaleface. I'm not in the mood." She threw the metal tube at the dinosaur's head. It snapped the cylinder out of the air, snarled, and bit it in half with huge, brutally sharp fangs.

And then its head exploded in an electrically-charged cloud of plasma.

Trill blinked. Twice.

Then she threw away the strip of eterna-jerky and hauled tonight's dinner into the pod...

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Erisraven said...

Yep, just my luck. And no city, ship, or finely-tuned blasters in sight. *sigh*

So, does raptor taste good, at least? :)