Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Day Three - First Log

Trill pushed the button on the little metal stick, wondering if the blasted piece of tech would even function. So little in the pod had been salvageable, she would not have been surprised if it was busted too. When the red light began to glow on its tip, she blinked in amazement.

"Well, what do you know? Something that works!"

Then, remembering what the handlink was for, she started speaking a little more seriously. "I don't know the date and I don't know the location, but you are supposed to start log recording with that stuff so here goes."

"Date... Today. Location... crater. No, that sounds stupid. I guess I should name this place, huh? Okay, how about this? I can call the day Landing Plus 3 days. Wow. That's damn cumbersome. I ought to shorten that. Maybe LP3? Yeah, that sounds all official-like. As for place... hmmm. It is a crater, but it's my crater. So... Trill's Hole?"

"Wow. No. Way too many bad jokes there."

"Let's start again. Oh! I got it!"

"Date, LP3. Location, Viridian Hollow. Yeah, I like that."

Then, remembering that she was still recording, "I've done a bit of exploring around the crash site and discovered that I'm pretty much smack in the middle of a jungle flatland that goes in every visible direction. The northern horizon, assuming the sun sets in the West, might be mountainous but I can't verify that without a seriously long hike.

"I have 28 days of packaged food, an indefinite water supply as long as the processor keeps working, and 12 days of bottled water as an emergency back up. I have a set of survival clothes in the pod's storage bay but they barely fit and the flight suit I have on... which is ripped.

"I am currently missing three important things.

"The first is my medical droid. I think I can fix him, emphasis on the think. He took a damned nasty spill in the crash and his motivator spine is covered in dry raptor blood. Ummm, long story there. I'll get into that later. Point being, he's recoverable if I am up to the task of reassembling him. That's a big if.

"The second thing I'm missing is a gun. This planet has unfriendly lifeforms, which is why my scouting trip was really short and really quick. I might be able to cobble something together with some of the tools in the pod but I need them to fix Toob first. So I don't get a gun before I get my droid back. Marvelous.

"Oh, the third thing? Marr-ek within arm's reach SO I CAN BEAT HIM!!!!!"

She sat down on the pod's wall padding heavily, sighing as she kicked the pad into record mode again. "Actually, I am missing a lot of things. My friends, my loved ones, my body armor, and chocolate. I really, really would kill for some chocolate right now."

As she spoke, Trill took a long draw off the side of a piece of radiator-dried, salted dinosaur meat jerky. It was spiced with red and blue pepper from one of her packed meal kits and despite the haphazard method of its making was quite decent. Still, it wasn't sweet, it wasn't melt-in-your-mouth, and she wasn't enjoying it while soaking in a hot tub with her favorite Jedi.

"I want to go home."

"I want to go to Cularin, even."

"Hells, I just want to go anywhere but here."

Trill turned off the pad before she started crying into it again.


Erisraven said...

Yeah, that's about right. It's a hard thing for a gunbunny to be unarmed. That has GOT to change. And this place - Trill's never been the outdoorsy sort. Not her comfort zone, that's sure.

Barbara said...

Sad! But as always good imagery!